Founded two decades ago, Contino Transport has grown strongly thanks to the momentum of our team and the human quality in the treatment of each and every one of our customers as well be on time in all our deliveries.
The goal is to get CONTINO charges its customers using the best cost-quality-time as possible. To do this, we have the most modern systems of identification, tracking and classification of merchandise.

Contino transport coordinates and directs the operations of national and international transport of goods by road.

Both the logistics department and the administrative department, composed of trusted individuals develop a fair service to our company to our customers.

Logistics headquartersWe offer an ongoing commitment including the summer seasons, without interruptions or reductions in our service.

We have all the technological means of last generation that provide us with the quality of our work in each transport.

Our operations are in the area of ​​the European Union, establishing lines of communication with daily departures and returns frequencies.

Our ability as a leader causes us to focus on the international transport of high-volume, specialized in dangerous goods where we have more than 20 years of experience as the Spanish pioneers in this sector.

The effort and commitment have made our customers place their trust in the work we do because our main objective is to meet schedules giving the highest quality in transport.

Our team will advise you on everything you need.